Pool Construction Costs

Visualize it: the deep blue water sparkling under the hot sun, inviting you to jump in and cool off. Segue abruptly to the bare patch of ground that you actually have, shimmering with waves of heat with nary a drop of water on its unforgiving surface. Reality check!

Nothing says heaven like your very own in-ground pool at the height of a summer’s day. But deciding on having one built will take much more than dream dust. The first obstacle you will have to tackle is the cost.

The price tag for an in-ground pool can be as low as $15,000 to as high as you can take it. The costs of pool construction will depend on a number of things including location. In Texas, the typical bare-bones in-ground pool would cost about $25,000. On average, though, in-ground pools cost about $50 per square foot. This can go higher if there are problems with the soil, seepage, or other issues that will make excavation more difficult.

Materials used

There are three kinds of in-ground pools most widely used today: concrete-sprayed (gunite), vinyl-lined and fiberglass shell. The most expensive in time and money is gunite, but it is also the most durable. The least expensive is the vinyl-lined but the sharp edge of a child’s toy is enough to put it out of commission. Fiberglass shells are a better alternative to vinyl but it will not outlast gunite.

Size, depth and shape

Larger, deeper pools will obviously cost more in total than smaller, shallower ones of the same shape. When it comes to shape, irregular ones are more difficult to layout and build so it will cost more than regular shaped pools such as rectangular or oval.

Circulation system

Perhaps one of the most important things for in-ground pool construction is selection of the filters and pumps that keep the water clean and clear. There are three types of systems currently being used: DE (diatomaceous earth) cartridge and sand. In terms of cost, the DE filters are the most expensive, but are also considered the most effective and requires less maintenance than cartridges. Sand is the least expensive, most popular and relatively easy to maintain but requires a lot of water to clean (backwashing). Cartridges are the middle ground.

The Extras

Aside from pool construction, there are a lot of pool related features that can easily double your cost. Some are required by law, such as fences and alarms to protect small children from accidentally falling in unsupervised; others are functional, such as landscaping and deck flooring to keep the mud on the ground and not in your pool or house; and some are simply fanciful, such as fountains, waterfalls and lights.

Having an in-ground pool is a great idea, but you need to have a realistic idea of the costs.

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