Choosing a Pool Construction Site

Having made the decision to have a pool built, the next step is determining where the pool construction should be placed. In most cases that’s an easy enough question: in the backyard. But if your property has some unique features i.e. on a cliff then you may want to give this some consideration. You can get professional help from such people as landscape designers and architects, but it wouldn't hurt to know more about factors will influence your decision on where to have your pool.

Sun, Wind and Shade

Any swimming pool (or spa for that matter) has one thing in common: it makes you wet. If you have an indoor pool, then you can pretty much swim the whole year round. But if your pool is outdoors, that’s another story. If you want to maximize your poolside use, you need to know how to strategically place it so it gets the maximum sun and shade when needed, and minimum wind exposure.

The presence of trees or other buildings can significantly affect the amount of sun that will help warm your pool and make swimming comfortable. On the other hand, it can also shield you from goose-pimple-causing winds. Make a point of checking out the climate patterns in Austin through the local or national climatology center or weather bureau. You can also consult with a meteorology expert, as well as get the opinion of the local old-timers, especially gardeners and other pool owners. Don’t skimp on this and take your time; once you get started on pool construction, it will be more expensive and time-consuming to relocate.

As a rule of thumb in the Northern Hemisphere, pool location facing south will be warmer than one facing north, west or east. West-facing will be warmer than east-facing pools. Of course, in desert areas it won’t matter where you face, and coastal towns will usually be cold if it faces the ocean because of the wind and fog. If you really want to keep the spectacular view, you may have to invest in screens or fences to reduce the chill factor. 

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